Striped Shirt NithyaI grew up in the U.S. but was born in India and returned here for my work – primarily research on acluster of issues facing the urban poor. I currently run a project called Transparent Chennai that creates maps and information about neglected civic issues like public toilets and informal settlements.  I have an undergraduate degree in social theory from Harvard, and a masters in urban planning from M.I.T. I initially moved to Chennai  because I wanted to study Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form, and I’ve had the fortune of learning from the best, including Leela Samson and Ambika Buch. I can be reached at nithyawriting AT gmail DOT com.

  1. kavya said:

    great site, nithya! i’m enjoying your writing on one of my favorite cities. nice to see your evolution since our delhi days…


    • nraman said:

      Thanks Kavya! I have a bunch of stuff on dance — maybe I’ll post that too, since you’re reading. I know that at least one reader will be (maybe?) interested. Hope to catch up with you soon… Long time since our Delhi days! –Nithya

  2. Yashwanth said:

    Enjoyed your posts !
    are you gonna keep writing?

    -from chennai

    • nraman said:

      Thanks! And, yes! Starting in a week or two, in fact!

  3. Great Blog! Would you consider contributing an article/paper or an occasional series to our online portal? We publish on design and development in South Asia, with a print publication planned for end 2010. Best wishes.

  4. Lavanya said:

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for some stuff about Bharatanatyam. I love how your posts about dance come alive and I can almost see the dancers performing through your words. Great going, keep writing!

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