Proof That Transcendental Meditation Works?

The New York Times reports on Transcendental Meditation enthusiast, David Lynch’s, almost-meeting with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

[I]n 2001, Lynch heard about a rare opportunity: the Enlightenment Course. Maharishi, who had barely been seen in public for years, was offering devotees the chance to pay about a million dollars to spend a month with him in the Netherlands.

When Lynch arrived at the compound in Vlodrop, in June 2002, he had hopes that the $1 million fee — a significant investment for him — would allow him to spend a month at his master’s knee, basking in the glow of his enlightened consciousness. He was disappointed when he was told that Maharishi would not physically attend the meetings but instead would communicate with the small group of devoted benefactors via a teleconference system from his room upstairs. But it didn’t matter — like all things Maharishi did, Lynch says, his absence made sense. “When I play it back in my mind, he was right there,” he said. “It’s a strange thing. He was right above us but came through the television. But it was as if there was no television. And that’s the way it was.”

Transcendental Meditation – so calming you won’t want to murder someone after getting tricked out of a million dollars.

An artist’s rendering of the Maharishi:


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  1. I was taught TM (Transcendental Meditation) by a Norwegian teacher in 1996 at the TM center ( Vidya mandir school chetpet ) , i practice it to this day and am benefited. Maharishi did NOT INVENT TM , he merely passed it on as he received it from his teacher. The technique is highly effective, one should try it to see its effects.

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