The Cultural Center That Is Chennai’s

This is the menu from The Chennai Cultural Center Club, a bar.

CIMG2215-001Let’s start at the bottom of the menu.  Anyone at this venue can be asked to show their club membership card at any time.  Seems like a good way to keep the riff-raff out.  Next item up: anyone who vomits inside the club will be charged 200 Rupees for cleanup.

A couple things about this:

That is an astoundingly cheap price.  A 750ml bottle of beer costs between 200 and 250 Rupees.  Shouldn’t they be charging more than the price of ONE BEER to cleanup human vomit?

The Chennai Cultural Center is a super weird name for this bar.

Are they trying to encourage or discourage vomiting?  If I thought I was going to vomit in a normal bar, I’d probably rush to the bathroom in an attempt avoid embarrassment.  To me, the “embarrassment cost” of throwing up in a bar would certainly be greater than the price of one beer.  So what the CCC has effectively done is LOWER THE COST OF VOMITING EVERYWHERE.

Why would the CCC do that?  Are they subtly telling me “Buy another beer!  After all, you don’t have to worry about puking!”  Or did CCC management select a cleanup price point to maximize revenue?

Also, what’s with the ban on “slapping on the table”?  When has that ever been a problem?

If you are the owner of The Chennai Cultural Center and are reading this, please contact me.  I have nine or ten hours worth of questions to ask you.


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