Fun With Stereotypes

Ever wonder what Americans think about Indians and what Indians think about Americans?  Inspired by Renee DiResta’s look at popular assumptions about U.S. states, I headed to Google to find out the answer.

Google’s autocomplete suggestions for “Why do Indians…” and “Why are Indians…”:

Google India’s ( autocomplete suggestions for “Why are Americans…” and “Why do Americans…”:

“Why do indians shake their heads” is an attempt to understand the South Asian head bobble, a shake that means either “yes” or “I understand” but looks very similar to the Western “no” headshake.  It causes 100% of tourists in India to fall into a kind of Who’s On First vortex.  The “why do indians own casinos” suggestion is obviously a reference to Native Americans not Asian Indians.

Interestingly both cultures find the other “rude,” however that may be true of every culture in relation to every other culture.

The #1 complaint Americans have about Indians is that they’re cheap and #1 complaint Indians have about Americans is that they’re stupid.  I think that tells us something about the complaining group’s cultural priorities.

Anyways, I think I can answer all of these questions right now:

Indians are rich because they are cheap and own hotels which are secretly managed by a group of superintelligent cows who have the odd habits of darkening the skin and weakening the nodding muscles of the people whom they advise.  Also they are rude.

Americans are tall from eating bacon at Thanksgiving, an annual mass divorce ritual where people rudely scream “soccer” and “Yankee” at each other.  Also they are stupid.

  1. Jothi said:

    Google search suggestions seem to be funny sometimes

  2. Keith said:

    Pretty funny.
    Hi from America. I don’t think I am stupid though.

  3. Some of the Google results apply to American Indians (i.e. the original Americans) rather than to people from India.

  4. Andrew said:

    Try “why is India” and “why is usa” / “why is the us” / “why is america”.

    Why is India: so dirty, so poor, so bad for women, called the subcontinent?

    • Vali said:

      I could play this game with different countries for the rest of my life.

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