For The Soup Boys

Last week, I was walking along the beach a saw a car filled with 20-year-old Tamil men and a giant SOUP BOYS decal across the top of its windshield.  I really hoped that ‘Soup Boys’ was the name of a local gang that did things like dump soup on their enemies’ heads, or go to soup kitchens to aggressively check soup quality, or stop people who are in a rush to get somewhere and ask them if they’d had any good soup lately.

Unfortunately it’s just a piece of Chennai slang.  A ‘soup boy’ is a boy who’s just been dumped by a girl.  And it was recently popularized by what might be the biggest Tamil hit ever.

“Why This Kolaveri Di” has 58 million views to date on YouTube.  Its title translates to “Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?” and it’s one of the only Tamil songs to break out of Tamil Nadu and become a hit across India.  (Only about 8% of the country speaks Tamil.)


For our Indian readers who already knew all this: This is the most popular song in America right now.

  1. Suma said:

    arrghhh you got me!!!!

  2. akashsrir said:

    I totally fell for that one!

  3. aroon said:

    you have been rolled

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