The Movie Star Down The Street

Currently, we live near the Tamil movie actor and Formula 2 race car driver, Ajith. Also, apparently, Formula 2 is a thing. Curious about our famous neighbor, I did some research yesterday.  It turns out the highest grossing movie of his career was Vaali (1999).

“Vaali” is just a different transliteration into English of my name.  And this movie is a retelling of the story of Vali from the Ramayanam set in modern day.

The overview:

In Hindu mythology, Vaali is the name of one of the monkey princes who has been blocked in a cave by his brother Sugreev by mistake and later marries his “widow” and the plot of the film too follows this legend.

In the movie, Vaali and Sugreev are renamed Deva and Shiva and are twin brothers and are both played by Ajith.  Additionally:

 Deva, the elder, is deaf and mute. But he is a genius, an expert at lip-reading and the head of a successful advertising company.

Deva eventually falls in love with his brothers wife and tries to seduce her.  Unfortunately:

Some of the methods Deva uses to woo Priya are masochistic (wounding his hand by the running car engine to stop the couple’s first night) and psychotic (trying to kill his brother in so many ways).

At first, when Priya tells him about Deva, Shiva does not believe that his brother is lusting after his wife.  But then (SPOILER ALERT):

Shiva watches Deva kissing the photo of Priya and realises Priya was right all along. While Shiva is away, Priya has to take care of Deva. Deva beats Shiva mercilessly, packs the unconscious Shiva in a gunny bag and throws him in a lorry.

The movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes long.

  1. Anonymous said:

    hi! it was vaali who steals sugriva’s wife not that the other way around.

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