Endorsed Links

  • Please Vote For Me – To learn about democracy, a third grade class in China holds an election for class monitor.  Very enjoyable and funny and only 57 minutes.  Currently streaming on Netflix.
  • Witopia – Let’s say you find yourself in a foreign country using the Internet and want to pretend that you’re in another country, say the US or UK, using the Internet.  Witopia does that.  $6 a month.  Easy to use.  Now some unrelated words: Hulu, Netflix.
  • The Silent Season of a Hero – Gay Talese’s 1966 Esquire profile of Joe DiMaggio.  Does a terrific job of capturing a person, time, and place.  An excerpt:

Lefty O’Doul was one of the great hitters in the National League in the early thirties, and later he managed the San Francisco Seals when DiMaggio was the shining star. Though O’Doul is now 69, 18 years older than DiMaggio, he nevertheless possesses great energy and spirit, is a hard-drinking, boisterous man with a big belly and roving eye; and when DiMaggio, as they drove along the highway toward the golf club, noticed a lovely blonde at the wheel of a car nearby and exclaimed, “Look at that tomato!” O’Doul’s head suddenly spun around, he took his eyes off the road, and yelled, “Where, where?” O’Doul’s golf game is less than what it was – he used to have a two-handicap — but he still shoots in the 80s, as does DiMaggio.


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