My grandmother and the apple

I was showing my grandmother (that’s me and her above) and aunt my kindle when my aunt asked me whether it was made by Apple. “Apple, apple,” my grandmother (who has never used a computer before) said, “I know that name. The man who discovered the first apple just died. I read about him in a magazine this week. He grew up very poor. His father was a coolie, and they did not have any money. He used to walk four-five kilometers for food. He started his work at first in a shed. And he once had cancer, but when he went back to the doctor, the doctor started crying. He had the kind of cancer that could actually become better, and that was even before he became famous. See, he had the ability to be smart even through such difficult circumstances. Sometimes, I wonder, why didn’t I have any children like that?”

Keep in mind that my own father is one of her unimpressive children.

  1. Rajesh Komath said:

    Dear Nithya.

    It is interesting to read the passage that link Apple of your grandmother and the man who discovered the Apple. The self critical part is wonderful.


  2. Divya said:

    excellent post! Very true to Vammai. On one hand it is amusing how she gets bits and pieces of news from all over and manages to remember it all.. and one the other hand it is classic how she engages in constant self-deprecation. Makes you wonder if she is truly happy… ever.


  3. C said:

    Terrific! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good one.. Happened to land here from your latest fb post. Could imagine Sarada Athai talking all this..

  5. RR said:

    Raju mama needs to read this.

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