A sad little story

I’ve been carrying around the paper that had this sad little story in it for the past four days now, but I’ve been traveling so much that I did not have a chance to post it. Now, I’m finally sitting in my grandparents’ house in Trivandrum and drinking coffee and listening to my grandpa do his morning prayers. The past few weeks have been so intense that I haven’t really taken a single day off, and it feels so good to be in a place where someone else makes food for me and buys fruits and offers to wash my clothes. Even these small tasks in Chennai take so much effort, because you’re basically sweating from the second that you step out of your bath.

Anyway, enough about me and back to the little story I read.

From the state scan section of The New Indian Express on Wednesday October 19, 2011:

“Two Girls Commit Suicide”

“Madurai: Two teenage sisters have committed suicide at Sellur here on Tuesday reportedly after being scolded by their father for talking on mobile phones for long hours. S. Chandra (19) and S Tamilarasi (17), daughters of Swaminathan, a ‘vada’ shop owner at Sellur, reportedly hanged themselves to death with their mother’s saree at their house.”

Who were they talking to, a boy (just one?)? How long is long? Were they using the same phone? Who had the idea to commit suicide, Chandra or Tamilarasi, and how did she convince the other?

I really wish I had known these small town girls, with their outsized sense of drama and outrage.

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  1. Dilip Samuel said:

    The thought of suicide is necessary because you become a nihilist and you are prepared for anything including taking big risks; committing suicide on the other hand shows that one is the biggest idiot!

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