best protest I’ve ever seen

Now comes news of an amazing protest in rural Karnataka. I always wondered why people didn’t do this more here – if the authorities don’t give you a toilet like they were supposed to, just take a shit on their doorstep! Via the Times of India:

“Toilet protest to wake up authorities”
Basavaraj F Kattimani TNN

“Hubli: Kinnal villagers are planning to raise a stink over lack of basic facilities, especially toilets, in the village by launching a dirty protest to show their anger.

Fed up with the indifference of the elected representatives, some villagers on Monday put up boards in many places in the village asking people to not urinate in public places but do so in front of the houses of elected representatives.

Koppal is one of the backward districts in Hyderabad-Karnataka region. And Kinnal village in the district is the most-neglected one.

Absence of toilets forces people to use open spaces. Though the government has launched the Swachha Grama scheme in Koppal, it remains on paper.

Villagers Kenchappa Harapnalli and Bhimappa Koratageri told TOI that their demand for toilets has not been met despite several petitions. “We finally put up these boards.“ A GP member admitted that the villagers have been demanding toilets since many years, but to no avail.”


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