Strange times fly by

I suppose this is a strange day to start blogging again. After breakfast, we learned here that Osama bin Laden had been finally killed. He was hiding out in a mansion on a hill 35 miles from Islamabad. We watched the crowds around DC and New York celebrating on television at the office, and although I was very affected by the news, it felt strange to be celebrating the death of a man in this way. I was also worried – for the state of US intelligence if we missed him on a mansion a stone’s throw from the Pakistani capital, and for what will happen now to the troops in Afghanistan. Apparently, a twelve year old suicide bomber killed people in Kabul yesterday and the Taliban is planning a renewed offensive on the Afghani government. Does the US just pack its bags and leave now that OBL is dead?

Oh, and it’s also my first anniversary. Of what must appear to outsiders to be the strangest marriage ever, with my husband and his work in one country and me and my work in another. Here in Chennai, when people realize that the arrangement did not come about because of visa restrictions or economic necessity, they’re shocked that he agreed to this. Frankly, so am I. Here’s to a wonderful marriage that defies all expectations.


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