Following orders in Kerala

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  1. Rajesh Komath said:

    This is a sign of not following the orders of authority; or it can be read that there might have no other alternative places to put their chappals. Or even if it was there, it might have filled up and spaces of keeping chappals might have just filled. This may be also viewed from the angle of an ardent devotee who rush to see the deity where he/she just forgot all other orders in and around.

    Broadly, in Theyyam spaces and its worship, there is no distinct orders to follow. All people of all kind, in fact, come and worship the God. And God is alive; who touch and speak to devotee. And if we go further, the myth of around all theyyams is against the orders and customs and obligations made upon the people.

    May be out of these background, one could read the photograph which directs to follow an order.

    Anyway, Theyyam season starts in this October till April.


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