The Sanctity of Marriage, India Edition

The Hindu ran a front page article a couple of days ago about a group of tribal leaders who are protesting the court conviction of seven men who killed a newly married couple (ages 19 and 23) because they belonged to the same sub-caste.

The killing was ordered by the leader of the couple’s local government.   It seems abhorrent, but other tribal leaders are speaking out in his defense.  I found the final quote from the article, to be particularly striking:

“The Hindu Marriage Act needs to be amended so that it can evaluate if the couple should be getting married or not. The present form of law will give a marriage certificate and later provide police protection to even a brother sister!” said Om Parkash Dhankhad.

It really echoes the anti-gay marriage rhetoric in the United States.  Except here, the same moral logic is used to justify murder.

Full article here.


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