Is it just me?

… or has there been an upsurge in incidents of boob grabbing in Chennai? I just heard of two separate incidents where women were walking down darkened streets, and were groped by men on bicycles or motorcycles. This year, I was groped on International Women’s Day, and once later as well. Any of my local readers, please comment or write in at nithyawriting AT gmail DOT com.

  1. samina said:

    I was telling myself just to forget it and accept it as a fact of life in urban India. But then I remembered that IEC (information, education, communication) campaigns have been successful in countering gender-based violence, especially in rural areas. I’ve also heard about shame-based punishment in local communities. Is that possible in urban India?

  2. Asha said:

    I do not know if it has been on the upsurge, but I am always on my guard in a lonely, dark street. I was grabbed once, when I tried to help a stranger and all I could do was scream because there was no one in the street. My friend was grabbed once, when she was walking with me. The man was walking a distance away from us, but as he neared us, he quickened his pace, came towards her and grabbed. It was shocking. Both of us chased him and beat him up. I think thats what we need to do. Beat them up and scream if thats all we can do.

  3. Somya said:

    I am left absolutely speechless. Delhi I know is notorious when it comes to such sexual harassment against women but haven’t encountered any in Chennai. After reading your post, I just feel like any other woman would. Kill those bastards! It’s sick. And I very well understand that feeling. Once you experience it, it never really leaves you. Haunts you forever. We should fight against such harassment. Please carry the necessary equipments in your bag to torture such men so that they are taught a lesson then and there. Its only because women remain quiet that these men continue with such frustrating acts. You should also raise an alarm, scream and wail and publicly embarrass the shit out of them.

  4. Meryl said:

    It happens frequently when travelling on buses- men conveniently using the rush as an excuse to press closer and sidle up. Stella Maris college girls travelling on the 27D route would probably know the man in the yellow-brown shirt who is promptly there at the bus-stop at 1pm just for this purpose. I agree with making noise and fighting (pepper spray!!).
    And what about the leering, the letchy looks, the sudden humming of songs, the covert ‘hi’s and the ‘hey sweetheart’s. Should I just be thankful they just used their words and looks and not there hands?
    What I don’t understand is why the people tend to work towards sensitising girls to these kind of situations. “Sweetie you are a girl. Once the boobs sprout it is but natural that men let you know in their various ways what they would like to do to you.” Therefore, don’t wear provocative clothes and don’t travel alone especially after 6pm and a whole list of don’ts. Don’t TEMPT the men!
    I think women should start a Sena.

  5. ‘Groped on International Women’s Day’ should be their new byline. Whenever and however you can, fight back.

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