The Caged City

The lack of public parks, open spaces, or even sidewalks in most parts of the city leads to some very strange behavior on the part of residents. In the mornings and evenings, you will often see people walking back and forth on their rooftop terraces, or up and down their driveways. It’s the same behavior you see in caged animals in the saddest zoos.

As an aside, it turns out that one of the reasons I was able to live without a camera for so many years was because I’m not the kind of person who ever thinks of taking a photo. I’ve had my new camera for weeks now, and it is still sitting in its box. But at least one reader has requested pictures, and pictures you will get, I promise!

  1. Valsef said:

    Speaking of pictures, I’ve heard rumors that you’re going to update the blog’s main photo. When can we expect this improvement?

    • nraman said:

      Done! What do you think?

  2. Raj said:

    I would like to see pictures of this caged behavior, please. I think that documentation would be really interesting.

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