Bombay Dreams — forever out of reach?

After my recent visit to Bombay, I realized that I should actually be grateful for the rental market in Chennai. My apartment, which I share with a roommate, costs a total of Rs. 10,000 per month. It is furnished, in a middle-class building, and in a safe and centrally located  neighborhood. I just learned that my friend in Bombay pays Rs. 1 million per month for his  place (it’s furnished and serviced, and obviously much MUCH nicer than mine). That’s a hundred times more! I realize that’s not quite a fair comparison because these two apartments are in different cities, but I was wondering: are there any other countries in the world where the difference between a middle-class apartment and a fancy apartment is that much? What about in the same city?

  1. Vid said:

    There is … England!!!!

  2. Akash Raman said:

    But in reality, like you mentioned, the apartment was way nicer than yours. So, you can’t really complain about that. For a medium sized house it costs about a fifth of what your friend is paying but that is in Bangalore. So you cannot say that it is expensive only in Mumbai. In fact, in Chennai it self, there is an apartment that is only 1100 sq. ft in Ashok Nagar and is for 12 lacs a month! Yes Adha, in Chennai, there is an apartment for 12 lacs a month in the same city in which you pay a mere 10 thousand. Refer:

    So, after looking at the link, are you thinking about changing the last couple of sentences? Just kidding but still.

  3. Ninad said:

    Was this Wellington Mews? because that is owned by the Taj group. 1 million a month sounds cheap then. it used to be more in 2002.

  4. nraman said:

    V. Akka: seriously? Prices are that divergent in England???

    Akash: I just want to take this moment to alert my most diligent readers that you are only TWELVE! I might think about changing the last couple of sentences of my post…

    Ninad: If I were to tell you my friend’s apartment’s name and address, I would compromise his safety. I can only tell you that you are not wrong.

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