Three reasons

I don’t own a camera. But during my trip to Nagercoil for work (and Trivandrum to see my grandparents) I saw three very good reasons to buy a camera. So I did! Very soon, you will see more photographs on The View from Chennai! Here are the reasons —

Reason #1: The sign for the ladies’ room at the Trivandrum bus stop, which had a picture of a woman’s smiling face and the word “URINE” written in block letters next to it.

Reason #2: The slogan painted on a wall in bright red promoting the Communist Party in Kerala, “YES WE CAN!”

Reason #3: National Highway 47, which connects Trivandrum in Kerala with Nagercoil in southern Tamil Nadu. I think I must have been unconsciously lulled into believing that India had revamped its entire highway system because of the excessive press the much-hyped Golden Quadrilateral received (by the way, can you think of a worse promotional name for a new highway system? If they expand this system, will they build on this name? Next step: The Golden Dodecahedron!).

The distance between the two cities is 60 kilometers. It took me 3 hours to cover that distance. I was shocked. National Highway 47 is a one-lane, two way road shared by cars, buses, school vans, trucks, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. And at least one elephant. And every five minutes, like a taunt, a sign would proudly announce that we were on National Highway 47.


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