The world’s most perfect junk food

I thought the south Indian tiffin couldn’t possibly get any better. I was wrong. The forces of globalization have created in Chennai the world’s most perfect junk food: the cheese dosa. A paper thin rice flour crepe folded around a salty cheese filling. Served with sambar and three kinds of coconut chutney (!!!) at the Sangeetha Hotel near my house.

  1. sansmerci said:

    hey nice blog here.. i write reviews on chennai restaurants ar chek it out too

    u can write ur reviews on and get rewarded well .. u write so well u deserve to write there.. thought will let u kno..

    hapy blogging ! 🙂

  2. Alexa said:

    How much does one dosa cost? Do you usually get one or two?

  3. Claire said:

    I’m so jealous. There’s a Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan on Lexington Ave in Manhattan but I don’t go there enough! If I could have a dosa a day, I would truly be in heaven.

  4. Nithya V. Raman said:

    Dear Sansmerci — thank you so much for reading and for commenting! I will look at Alexa — one cheese dosa is expensive (relative to everything else on the menu at Sangeetha’s): Rs. 60, or a little over a dollar. I eat one. Or most of one. The thing’s such a greasebomb, I can’t even finish it. Claire — I have a dosa a day, but I hope that heaven is better than this. I live across from a mosquito infested canal that carries more sewage and garbage than water.

  5. cheryl said:

    so you’re taking me here when i come visit. where else should we go?

    • nraman said:

      Hopefully I will take you to even better places than that. Unfortunately, Chennai is kind of one of the dreariest looking cities in India. I love it, but ummm… you may not. I’ll make sure you enjoy any trip you make to India. Make Billy C. pay for it, that bum!

  6. Noel said:

    Oh man, the cheese dosas I had in Panjim were amazing.

    So, no visit to SD on the near horizon eh? 🙂 I’m just messing with you.

    • nraman said:

      Umm…. No. Long story to tell you about that when we finally do catch up face to face. Thanks for reading the blog. I love people who comment (ergo, I love you).

  7. Akash Raman said:

    Ugh… Cheese Dosas? That is ultimate disgusting! Or that is how it sounds!

    • nraman said:

      Akash, I just noticed that you posted this comment. Don’t be rude, you twerp. Love, your big sister.

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