The roots of revolutions, a quote via Cheryl

“Whether conditions in China had deteriorated to the extent to which a revolution was inevitable is perhaps besides the point, although this issue animates an impressive body of Western as well as Chinese scholarship. It takes more than oppression and misery to make a revolution… There is no threshold of human endurance beyond which human beings automatically become revolutionary. A revolution is the product of the human ability to reflect on one’s conditions of existence and to work those reflections through a system of ideas that provides a vision of a more hopeful future, a social vision that exists at the level of the imaginary in that it conceives of something that does not yet exist” (Ann Anagnost, 34)

  1. Ninad Pandit said:

    As history proves, to be a worldly success at anything, especially revolution, you have to wear blinders like a horse, and see only straight in front of you. You have to see, too, that this is all black, and that is all white.
    – Eugene O’Neill

  2. Anonymous said:

    Its almost as if you could take all of these quotes strung together and make an original thought.

  3. Nithya V. Raman said:

    Isn’t that what academic work is largely about? Thanks for reading and commenting!

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